Brazil's wild side

A photo journal
Written by
Lily Bunker

Brazil is a wonderfully captivating country with so much to offer. It is the largest country in South America and you could spend a lifetime discovering all the country has to offer. There is a huge variety of ecosystems within the country from the mighty Amazon rainforest to picture perfect beaches through to the vast wetlands of the Pantanal. On top of this you’ve got an incredibly diverse history to delve into and the music of Brazil creates an atmosphere like nowhere else on earth. The nature, music and people in Brazil all combine to make this a very special place and on my recent trip I visited just a few of the highlights.

The Pantanal

This was without a doubt the highlight of my trip. It was an amazing experience to see wild jaguars up close and I was blown away by Caiman Lodge’s habituation project which is run by a truly inspiring team. I was equally excited each time a giant anteater appeared in the distance or a tiny armadillo ran across our path. 

Most days were rounded off with a spectacular sunset as we headed out on a night drive. The Pantanal should be a destination on all wildlife lovers bucket lists.


Trancoso is truly Bahian, a beautiful coastline combines with rustic chic hotels making it one of the most relaxing places in Brazil. Here you can chill out on endless stretches of beach, take private boat trips or simply wander around the quadrado sampling the amazing restaurants.  

Rio de Janeiro

I love this city so much. I have been back several time and each time there is something new to discover. Rio is sandwiched between rainforest covered mountains, sparkling lagoons and white sand beaches making it one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

We explored the iconic sights of Christ the Redeemer, The Selaron Steps and Ipanema. A few of my favourite memories are heading up into the mountains to admire the views over the city, eating traditional feijoada and joining the Cariocas in a local samba bar.


We visited a small rustic fazenda truly off the tourist trail, in the state of Sao Paulo. Here we swam in a secluded lake, hiked up the hills for fantastic views over the rolling mountain tops and rode horses over the mountain ridge. It was a real detox from the busy city lives we lead and it was lovely to reconnect with nature and simply relax in the outdoors.

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