'A Fragile Planet’ silent auction raises over $118,000 for charity

On March 8, Jacada Travel hosted a silent auction at The Haven Hong Kong to auction off ‘A Fragile Planet’ photographs, all of which were captured by award-winning National Geographic photographer, Keith Ladzinski.

With a shared vision on sustainability, Jacada and Ladzinski, who have collaborated for almost two years, brought this event to life in the hopes of raising awareness on the issue of climate change amongst Hong Kong audiences.

“I hope that any picture that I shoot within the climate change world will cause just even one person to commit to making a difference, no matter how small,” explains Ladzinski.

Collectively, over (HKD) $118,000 was raised. All proceeds will be divided 50/50 and will be going towards Eco Drive Hong Kong and Sea Legacy.

Eco Drive Hong Kong

Eco Drive is an inclusive volunteer group working to create a sustainable living for our children’s future. The organization aims to support environment NGOs, such as the Plastic Oceans Foundation, by building awareness and taking action to make the world a better place.

Sea Legacy

Sea Legacy’s mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, and their hand is really on the pulse of what is happening to our water systems worldwide. The organization traverses the oceans, telling powerful visual stories that move people from apathy to action. With some of the world’s best photographers and filmmakers, they capture the beauty and the threats below the surface of the oceans, fueling global campaigns that trigger lasting and sustainable change.

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