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SH Vega

Scandi-design boutique ship

Enjoy wide, unobstructed views

This elegant Scandi-design boutique ship offers you the ultimate way to explore Antarctica in an intimate setting. Make yourself at home in your light and bright stateroom and then allow yourself to be fully immersed in the sights and scenery of the voyage. Rooms are decorated using natural materials and boast luxurious bathrooms. The vessel can accommodate up to 152 guests.

You main venue for breakfast, lunch and dinner is the 152-seat Swan Restaurant which dishes up a delectable medley of local and international cuisine with a firm focus on quality ingredients from some of the destinations the ship visits.

The public spaces on board the SH Vega are spacious and relaxing with wide and unobstructed views from places like the stargazing and observation decks. And certainly don’t miss out on a session or two in the sauna which also boasts incredible views.


Light and bright accommodation for 152 guests

Spacious and relaxing public spaces

Inviting stargazing deck

Comfortable observation lounge

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