Colca Canyon, Peru


Explore the Colca Valley

Enjoy a tented experience of Andean life

Nestled deep within the Colca Valley, PUQIO is set in a landscape where volcanoes, expansive grasslands, and undiscovered pathways await daily exploration. Each room is inspired by the original canvas tents of first Andean explorers, whilst earthen adobe rooms blend harmoniously into the surrounding high desert landscape. Outdoor showers and cold plunges will rejuvenate your tired muscles, whilst writing desks provide an outlet for when creativity strikes.

Indulge in the essence of Andean flavours and traditions with a clay oven and open flame meals as you enjoy family-style meals crafted using traditional methods and the freshest local produce. Here, corn is harvested by local hands and freshly baked bread is kneaded with a knowing touch.

During your stay you can also enjoy the soothing water of your own private hot tub and take part in guided excursions that are bookended by personal reflection. These experiences include high altitude trekking, delving into ancient plant wisdom with a natural herbalist, soaking in the thermal baths of Uyo Uyo, and visiting some of the best textile weavers in the Andes. 


Three distinct tent types offer alternative ways to experience the valley

Get back to nature with the guidance of hand-selected artisans, naturalists, and local experts

Savour family-style Andean meals that utilise the freshest local produce

Soak in the thermal baths of Uyo Uyo

Admire the landscape of volcanoes and grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see

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