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Hermes Mega Catamaran

An intimately small vessel with all the amenities you could desire

Cruise through the Galápagos in unparalleled luxury

Hermes Mega Catamaran defines the future of Galápagos luxury cruising through a perfect balance of comfort, unparalleled service and memorable experiences aboard, on land, and in the water. It challenges the notion that you must compromise the comfort of a large cruise ship for intimacy on a small vessel.

Your cruise aboard Hermes Mega Catamaran also supports Galápagos wildlife conservation through Via Natura’s Endemic Reforestation Program on Santa Cruz Island.

During your stay, you can explore the Galápagos whilst enjoying one of the ship’s five modern social areas and your spacious suite, equipped with a walk-in closet, a mini bar, a private balcony and a hot tub.

Culinary highlights include a fascinating fusion of Ecuadorian and international flavours on a signature menu developed specifically for Hermes by a renowned Ecuadorean chef. If you wish to take your gastronomic journey further, you can prepare delicious local dishes with your own hands during cooking lessons.


State-of-the-art suites featuring private balconies that will offer views of the passing Galapagos

Indulge in a treatment at the full-service spa

Savour a signature menu developed by a renowned Ecuadorian chef

Take part in preparing delicious local dishes during cooking classes

Relax in one of the many social areas such as the library or the hammam

Plan your trip to the Galápagos

Whatever you want from your adventure in the Galápagos, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

Places to combine with Hermes Ultra-Luxury Catamaran


The Cloud Forests

Mashpi Lodge
Set into one of the planet’s most important bio-regions, the futuristic Mashpi Lodge powered with 100% hydroelectricity really is a ‘contemporary cocoon in the clouds’. Praised for its ecological and contemporary design by being nominated for the likes of Wallpaper’s Design Awards, Mashpi’s steel and glass creation sits amongst 3,200 acres of pristine rainforest on a bluff that commands stunning views over the lush valleys, cloud forests and hills of the Tumbez-Choco-Darien bio-region (otherwise known as the Chocó) in Ecuador. The 20 rooms and three suites are spacious and simply modern in decoration, with floor to ceiling windows that keep your attention on what’s outside rather than what’s in. The restaurant has been thoughtfully constructed with two-storey high ceilings and windows for walls so again you feel constantly in touch with the forest, whilst dining on local produce from exotic fruits blended with more savoury dishes and organic ingredients to home made chocolate. There is also a terrace with pergola roof for incredible views over the jungle canopy, perhaps spotting one or two of its creatures. Daily wildlife expeditions and nature excursions are led by the lodge’s team of Ecuadorian biologists and things like wellington boots and rain ponchos are provided. The aerial tram from the lodge allow for deeper daily explorations into the forest, and comes with an observation tower and Life Centre which has butterfly farms and terrariums for a really close up look to these species. Hikes, bathing in waterfalls and rivers are very much part of the Mashpi experience too.