The perfect hacienda for lovers of the outdoors


Facilities & services

  • 17 rooms


  • Participating in this working Hacienda's daily activities
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Birdwatching
  • Condor rescue centre and opportunities to see bespectacles bears

Our favourite hacienda accommodation in Ecuador. This 17th century property was formerly the residence of a much-loved president and remains in his family to this day. The illustrious history of the property shines through in every room, many decorated with antiques dating back to the original owners.

The libraries and communal areas are replete with photographs, paintings and exotic furniture, many made as gifts from abroad to the former president. Far from being a museum piece the hacienda is still very active with more than 2,000 hectares of pastureland; mainly used for cattle and horses (the stables have around 100 horses) as well as a trout farm. The estate produces its own cheese onsite and there is also an interesting program for the rehabiliation of Condors.

The surrounding countryside and nearby village are beautifully picturesque and relaxing. There are fifteen well-appointed rooms and service is helpful and friendly. A great deal of care is taken to ensure that you make the most of the wonderful surrounds and there are a number of activities possible including horse-riding, mountain biking, hiking, birdwatching and visits to the local community with its own weaving workshops.

The hotel is located some distance from the Otavalo Market itself (just over an hour) so it makes most sense to make the visit to the market on the journey to (or from) Quito.

Positive Impact

Educating and protecting the local community

The Hacienda staff run the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation, a non-profit organisation which focuses on improving the education and infrastructure of the local community, as well as to protect their unique environment and local traditions through guest donations and partner donations. Successes include the Condor Huasi facilities, the Zuleta Embroidery Project, and the Zuleta Library, which are now part of daily life and make a significant difference to the well being and future of the area.

Condor protection

The Condor Huasi Project was created to reintroduce condors in captivity back to their natural habitat. The initiative has been carried out by Zoologist Friedman Koster and Condor expert Biologist Heide Koster, with the sponsorship of the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation. In addition to focusing on the Andean Condor’s conservation status, the main objective of the Condor Huasi Project is environmental education, with which they hope to increase awareness amongst children and the general population of the importance of preserving wildlife and natural resources within the paramo (or moorland) region of the country.

Building a creative and educational space

The Zuleta Library is a space that promotes alternative education and workshops for community children, including yearly courses and summer school activities in areas, such as in English, Quechua, mathematics, art, handicrafts, reading, dance, theatre, puppetry, and more. In addition, the entity supports daily help with school work and offers computer accessibility and internet service.

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