Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River

Soak in Guanacaste's 'Lost River'

A sustainable forest sanctuary

Embedded in the heart of the Guanacaste province, on the western side of Costa Rica, is where you’ll find Rio Perdido. This hotel is a sanctuary for well-being and was designed to harmonise with its surroundings through preserving the setting and taking great care of its precious resources. Rio Perdido also shows appreciation for the San Bernardo Lowlands through participating in local festivals, sporting events and are keen supporters of improving the education in the local area and protecting the environment.

Accommodations feature floor-to-ceiling windows which allow the verdant forest outside to seemingly seep into your room. For dining you can enjoy relaxed lunches of typical Costa Rican dishes including casado and marinated beef loin with criollo dressing, before toasting the day with a a locally inspired cocktail at the bar and then sitting down to indulge a delectable dinner. The seasonal, locally sourced cuisine respects the integrity of local tradition, whilst also infusing innovative accents. You can also sit back under the stars on the Floating Platform above the river convergence with your loved ones for a private dinner.


30 bungalows providing a retreat within the verdant land of Guanacaste

Indulge on traditional Costa Rican dishes made from locally sourced food

Soak in the therapeutic waters of the Rio Perdido river

Relax with a cliff-side yoga session in the midst of the tree canopy

Lounge by the pool and admire the greenery of the surrounding forest

Choose from pampering, invigorating massages and facial treatments at the spa

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