Aysén Region, Chile

Explora Patagonia National Park

A remote lodge in a privileged location inside Patagonia National Park

Discover Patagonia Park at this intimate and exciting property

Part of the exceptional Explora family, the Patagonia Park Explora brings the same high-levels of comfort and sophistication with an exciting sense of adventure and submersion in the natural world. A self-sustainable project, the property was constructed and designed to reduce interference with the natural environment. Traditional Patagonian building techniques and local material were used as well as influences from sustainable properties in national parks around the world. 

Located close to the northern ice fields and surrounded by spectacular rivers and lakes, this Patagonian destination opens the door to a magnificent yet virtually unexplored area. Set in pristine landscapes, this is the place to disconnect as you adventure into this beautiful national park. Excursions here range from high mountain ascents to gentle self guided walks. There are also overland journeys in the fleet of 4×4 jeeps. Combination explorations are also possible and you can try horse riding, biking and then even hop into a kayak to navigate the lakes and rivers close by.

The Patagonia National Park Explora is an intimate property with two suites and eight standard rooms. All of which have magnificent views to the Tamango and Tamanguito hills and calming green and grey colours of the park itself. The decor is simple, yet inviting and cosy with natural colours and textiles. 

The gastronomy is a detailed and delicious part of the hotel. The restaurant and menu have been designed by famed Latin American chefs and encapsulate the region’s vast territories and cuisines along with flavours from the rest of the continent and beyond. Committing to their sustainability processes most of the products used come from nearby small suppliers and producers, lowering the environmental impact with fresh and recently harvested products such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese and meats.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with brunch and snacks. Enjoy fresh light meals or hearty dishes cooked over fire in a traditional style used by Patagonia’s ancient inhabitants. After a day of exploration the bar is the meeting point for relaxing and sharing stories. Enjoy fine wines, pisco sours and enjoy the intimate, welcoming atmosphere.




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