The 11 Best Things to Do in Georgia

Cooking classes, cable cars and canoeing or perhaps wine-making, meeting monks and taking architectural tours - there's so much to do in Georgia
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Published on: April 19th, 2024

Last modified: April 19th, 2024

Located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Georgia is finding its way onto more and more travellers’ radar these days – but its cultural, culinary, architectural and natural splendours are still relatively unknown.

This is a place where you can see Art Nouveau buildings and Eastern Orthodox churches in the same hour; wander among craggy peaks and peaceful green meadows; discover ancient winemaking techniques and indulge in the ultimate homegrown comfort food.

Our specialised team of Central Asia travel designers are eager to share the wonders of this transcontinental country with adventurous explorers. Here are their picks for the best things to do in Georgia, all the way from the colourful capital to the shores of the Black Sea.

1. Take an Architectural Tour of Tbilisi

It’s hard to describe what Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, looks like – mainly because it’s a mix of so many different architectural styles. Its eclectic buildings recall each era that the city has experienced, from the old bathhouses of Abanotubani and the Moorish-style State Opera House to the Soviet-era Stamba Hotel and the ultramodern Peace Bridge. We suggest taking a private tour with an expert guide who will explain the significance of each structure.

Rhike Park Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall in Tbilisi, Georgia.

2. Ride a Cable Car to Narikala Fortress

One of the best ways to see Georgia’s capital is from above. Head to Rike Park to board the city’s famous cable car, which will carry you over its rooftops and the Kura River (known locally as the Mtkvari), all the way up to the ancient Narikala Fortress. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of Tbilisi and explore the fortress itself on a private tour.

Cable car from Narikala fortress to Rike Park in Tbilisi

3. Hike to Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park is heaven on earth for outdoor enthusiasts and explorers. The trek up Mount Kazbek takes a few days, but you can hike to the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church in just three or four hours. This isolated landmark is perched on a hilltop among staggering peaks. Your efforts will be rewarded with privileged views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia

4. Feast on Regional Cuisines in Tbilisi

Of all the exceptional things to do in the country of Georgia, there’s one that you simply can’t miss: sampling the country’s incredible food. You may have heard of khachapuri, its iconic cheese-filled bread. But to get a more comprehensive taste of Georgian culture, enjoy a curated tasting experience in Tbilisi with typical dishes and wine pairings from different regions. This supra, or traditional feast, also features live performances of regional music.

Traditional Georgian cuisine

5. Sip Tea with Monks at the Dariali Monastery

Just north of Kazbegi National Park you’ll find the Dariali Monastery, right on the border with Russia and surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. This picturesque complex is actually newer than it looks; it only dates back a couple of decades, but its materials and style were chosen to make it seem centuries old. Go inside to meet the monks who live here and enjoy a cup of tea made with local herbs.

Dariali Monastery

6. Immerse Yourself in History and Art at Tbilisi’s Blue House

One of the most fascinating buildings in Georgia’s capital is the Blue House, an ornate home that’s remained in the same family since its construction in the late 1890s. Here you can visit Nino, the granddaughter of its original owner, and her husband, both of whom are successful artists. They’ll share the story of the house and their family histories over tea and cake. You can also visit their studios to learn more about their work.

Old Blue Door in Georgia

7. Discover Centuries-Old Winemaking Traditions in Kakheti

There are plenty of unique things to do in Georgia’s Kakheti wine region, starting with the age-old tradition of the qvevri. You can learn how to make these egg-shaped clay containers, which are filled with wine and buried underground to ferment, from one of the few remaining craftspeople who create them. We also suggest a tasting at the family-run Lagazi Wine Cellar, where they’re working to revive the hundreds of wine varieties that were lost in the Soviet era.

Winemaking Traditions in Kakheti

8. Search for Local Delicacies at the Telavi Food Market

The city of Telavi is at the heart of the Kakheti wine region, and its famous market is what foodie dreams are made of. Here you’ll find everything from culinary staples like spices and fresh fruits and vegetables to a mind-boggling array of cheeses and traditional sweets. Be sure to try churchkhela, a typical treat consisting of nuts coated in thickened grape juice. You might also want to pick up some adjika, a spicy condiment made with peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

Telavi Food Market

9. Learn to Cook Georgian Dishes in the Kakheti Wine Region

If you want to keep enjoying traditional Georgian cuisine after your trip is over, join a cooking masterclass at Lost Ridge Inn in the Kakheti wine region. The onsite craft brewery is the perfect setting for this experience, which includes local beer or wine. As you sip you’ll learn how to make dishes like khinkali (filled dumplings) and khashlama (a traditional stew). About an hour away you’ll find Tsinandali Estate, one of our favourite hotels in the region.

cooking khinkali in Georgia

10. Go Canyoning in Kazbegi National Park

Thrill seekers should head straight to Kazbegi National Park for an adrenaline-filled outdoor adventure. The dramatic peaks and hilly terrain are ideal for a canyoning expedition or rafting trip, depending on what kind of excitement you’re after. Afterwards, settle into Rooms Hotel Kazbegi to rest and recharge with seasonal cuisine, local wine and sensational stargazing.

Martvili canyon

11. Relax on the Shores of the Black Sea

Georgia’s western border boasts a dazzling stretch of coastline, ideal for a tranquil family trip, a romantic escape or just a bit of seaside relaxation. Stretch out on the pebbled beaches or go for a swim in the pleasantly warm waters of the Black Sea. You’ll also find gorgeous botanical gardens, architectural marvels and lavish hotels in the lovely coastal town of Batumi.

Black Sea, Georgia

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