Modern lodge surrounded by beautiful rainforest


Facilities & services

  • 24 rooms
  • Restaurant and lounge


  • Nature walks
  • Birdwatching

Rondon Ridge is located 7,100ft above sea level on the fringes of the Kubor mountain range. With panoramic views of the Wahgi Valley down below, it is a great location for an exploration of the Highlands.

The lodge is a 40-minute drive from Mt Hagen town and features 24 rooms with modern en-suite bathrooms. Electricity is generated from the lodge’s own hydroelectric power plant which harnesses the power of a nearby mountain stream. There is also a bright and spacious restaurant and lounge area overlooking the forest.

The rainforest surrounding Rondon Ridge is home to almost 200 species of bird, including ten spiecies of the colourful and iconic bird of paradise. There are numerous walking trails and expert nature guides will help point out the beautiful plants and local wildlife.

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