Collection of Luxury, Private Villas overlooking the Marico River


Choose to stay at one of the Morukuru Family’s three unique properties in the Madikwe Game Reserve and take charge of your safari adventure.

The Morukuru has three ‘villas’ to choose from. The River House caters for up to six adults and four children and combines European styling with African influences as the largest property. A short walk away is the Owner’s House, which accepts smaller parties of between two and four guests. This accommodation features fantastic attention to design and comes replete with a heated infinity pool. Lastly is Farm House, for groups of 4 to 10 guests and 10 minutes walk away from the other properties. This is the most modern of all the villas and is as light and spacious as a safari lodge can get.

You will have complete control of each of the villas, with a host of discreet staff to wait on your every whim; since there are no set schedules, you will be able to choose precisely what you want to do and when you want to do it, whether that be tracking wildlife on a tailored big game drive, or simply lounging by the pool enjoy a cocktail or two.

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