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When is the Best Time to Visit Namibia?

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Whether you want to find the perfect landscape shots in the south or you're after the wildlife further north, Namibia is waiting to reveal her secrets year-round. There isn't really a best time to visit Namibia, as it's paradise all year.

Animals trek across burnt orange dunes beneath brilliant blue skies, and the coastline stretches for miles. Namibia is a starkly beautiful country, and a landscape photographer’s paradise.

Desert flowers
October - April
Avoid the crowds
December - April
Wildlife spotting
May - September
sea seals in namibia

Best time for...

Desert flowers

The Namibian rainy season runs from October to April, and with the first rains of spring the seemingly barren desert becomes blanketed in delicate flowers. The sands are transformed into an exciting riot of oranges, pinks, yellows and blues. This is also the best time to look out for newborn animals and a variety of migratory birds. Be warned that the hottest months are from November to February, which could make for an uncomfortable visit.

Capturing the Ethosha pan in flood

During the rainy summer months, the Etosha pan is also in flood, making for gorgeous photo opportunities as the skies and clouds reflect off the ankle-deep water pan. While safari sightings aren’t at their best over these months, the country is still stunningly beautiful.

One thing to be aware of during the summer is the warm desert wind, which tends to cause large banks of fog to form along the coast. This dense fog means there’s no visibility at all during the day – not great for appreciating the beauty of the area. But it does make for incredibly impressive views from the air.


When is the best time for safari in Namibia?

If wildlife spotting is high on your list, then the dry winter months are ideal. The dry season runs from May to September. During these months the scarcity of rain leads to drier vegetation, meaning that it’s much easier to spot animals as they journey to and congregate at watering holes.

Exotic Bird Namibia

If you’re going to be spending time at the country’s wildlife parks, aim for June to October. But if you’d like to avoid the crowds completely and don’t mind working a little harder for rare animal sightings, then visit between December and April.

Cheetah Namibia

The Namib desert in the west and the Etosha region in the north are best for discovering the flora and fauna of Nambia. The south gets very little rain, and as a result, the vegetation doesn’t change all that much when it does rain. However, enthusiastic landscape photographers will find plenty of inspiration in the south.

Wildebeest Namibia

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