largest free-roaming black rhino population in Africa

Facilities & services
  • Eight raised Meru-style canvas tents
  • Tented dining and lounge area
  • Swimming pool
  • Fire pit
  • Daily rhino tracking activities both on foot and by vehicle
  • Explore nearby geological wonders
  • Meet the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) trackers and team
  • Learn more about the unique coastal fog that provides precious water to the area
  • Look out for Hartmann’s mountain zebra, bat-eared fox and suricates, all unique to the area

You’ll find Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp in a wide valley, nestled amid the undulating hills of the 450 000-hectare Palmwag Concession. This tranquil area is recognised for its minimalist beauty and the large range of desert-adapted wildlife that call the area their home, most noticeably for its free-roaming black rhino population, the largest in Africa.

Lodging at the camp is divided between eight raised Meru-style canvas tents with front verandas that take in expansive landscape of the dramatic Etendeka Mountains and the plains scattered with euphorbia and ancient welwitschia plants. The tented dining and lounge areas have also been elevated to provide panoramic views during meal times and moments of relaxation. There’s also an attractive pool to cool off in and a fire pit for enjoying nights spent stargazing and swapping tales.

During your stay, you can take part in daily rhino tracking activities on foot and by vehicle and learn about the Save the Rhino Trust with whom the lodge collaborates.

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