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The Brando

The ultimate private island

Luxury in a stunning setting

Positioned 30 miles northeast of Tahiti is the Tetiaroa atoll, a collection of a dozen small islands, ringing a deep turquoise lagoon. This part of French Polynesia won the hearts of Tahitian royalty, for whom it was the favoured island retreat, and then Marlon Brando who first came here while filming the Mutiny of the Bounty. The actor went on to buy the island and set about building The Brando, a beautiful and luxurious resort on this exclusive private island.

Access to The Brando is by private plane from Tahiti. There are 35 luxury villas scattered along both Turtle Beach and Mermaid Bay. With a choice of one-, two- and three-bedroom villas, there’s something for everyone from honeymooners to families and groups of friends. The timbered villas were built to reflect Polynesian culture and design and are hidden amongst the tropical vegetation so as not to detract from the natural beauty of the island.

Villas feature high ceilings and large windows, ensuring they are bright and airy. Decking leads to a private plunge pool and there’s an outdoor bathtub for a soak under the stars.

There are two restaurants at The Brando serving a range of Polynesian, fusion and classic French cuisine. There’s also a beach bar as well as the Te Manu Bar, which has private tree-top seating areas that are reached through a series of walkways through the canopy. There’s an abundance of fresh organic fruit and vegetables grown in the kitchen garden and orchard, so expect lots of locally grown mango, papaya, cucumber, avocado and lime, alongside fish and shellfish from the surrounding waters.

The lagoon is teeming with marine life and guests can explore this diverse underwater world by swimming, snorkelling, diving or kayaking through the pristine waters. There’s also the option to hop on a bike and explore the lush green interior of the island. Back at the resort, there’s an infinity pool, tennis court and a beautiful spa nestled among the tropical flowers.


Idyllic spa and wellness area

Two gourmet restaurants with both alfresco and indoor dining

Atmospheric beach bar on the white sands

Refreshing infinity swimming pool

Manicured gardens and wild palms

Exciting underwater activities

Biking, tennnis, walks and more on dry land

The luxury of beachfront living

Fun and engaging childrens activities

The impact of your stay:

  • The Brando is unwaveringly mission-based, dedicated to achieving zero carbon and fostering sustainability on Tetiaroa atoll. In partnership with Tetiaroa Society, the hotel showcases the society’s efforts as the atoll’s guardian, jointly pursuing environmental stewardship and a carbon-neutral future.
  • Collaborating with Tetiaroa Society and Te Mana O Te Moana, The Brando allocates 2% of room rates to community initiatives, supporting conservation, education, and research. Tetiaroa Society engages with local schools, hosting on-site educational programs and welcoming diverse student groups, ensuring profits contribute to meaningful community initiatives.
  • The hotel utilises seawater air conditioning, solar power and a waste management centre with composting and glass grinding facilities. Its water management system and wastewater treatment plant showcase responsible resource usage. An organic garden underscores dedication to sustainability, and guests can explore these initiatives through a back-of-house green tour, gaining insights into the hotel’s environmentally conscious infrastructure.
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