Sustainable luxury


Facilities & services

  • 36 rooms
  • Geothermal baths
  • Two restaurants
  • Wi-Fi


  • Hiking
  • Day tours to the surrounding attractions
  • Ice cave tours

The modern Hotel Husafell sits amidst the dramatic landscape of west Iceland, offering 36 rooms that are each beautifully decorated with paintings from Husafell’s own world-renowned artist, Pall Gudmundssson.

The hotel is powered by the electricity generated on-site from small hydroelectric power stations which are driven by the river. Additionally, the hot water which heats up the hotel and its geothermal baths comes from the nearby mountains.

Two restaurants on-site offer Nordic dishes and international cuisine made from high quality and seasonal locally grown produce, enhance by wonderful views around the dining areas.

Hotel Husafell is located in an area rich in history and extraordinary natural wonders, with a range of activities on offer that cater to all groups of people, from those seeking to unwind relax in beautiful surroundings, have an action-packed adventure or spend time with the family outdoors.

Positive Impact

Clean energy and sustainable design

Hotel Husafell was built conscientiously, from the sustainable design and excellent craftsmanship of its furnishings to the rare birch forests that surround it, cultivated over many years by the owners. The property uses hydro-electric plants to keep the resort running on 100% clean, renewable energy. The hot water which heats up the hotel and its geothermal baths comes from the nearby mountains.

GEO Certified golf course

The golf course here is the first hotel golf course in Iceland to become GEO Certified, a distinction that recognises the resort’s commitment to sustainability and an eco-friendly approach. The golf course is praised for its seamless integration within a diverse mix of outdoor activities and an emphasis on the natural environment and sustainability.

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