Just north of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, sits the breathtaking surrounds of Nuup Kangerlua Fjord, also known by its colonial name of Gilbert Sound. Ethereal and surreal, here you’ll find vast mountainous islands cradling the meeting point between glistening glacial waters and the deep blue Arctic sea.

Only by boarding a boat or helicopter from Nuuk can you gain access to the exclusive beauty of this fjord, promising the upmost tranquillity once inside. Yet once you’ve relaxed your mind with a deep breath of the crisp air, you simply won’t able to ignore the promise of adventure found at every turn.

At over 1000 metres tall and found on its own island of the same name, Mount Sermitsiaq is among the most notable mountains to climb here. Found near the mouth of the fjord, less than 20km from Nuuk, its summit is visible from the capital, calling out to you from the very moment you touch down in Greenland.

The fjord waters also beckon. Kayaking is the perfect activity to fully explore the area, allowing you to get up close to the majestic icebergs that decorate the water.

This is truly the adventurer’s paradise. It offers a wonderful paradox to those who visit, leaving you feeling as though you are in the midst of a nature documentary, while also in a land of pure fantasy.

What to do

  • Hiking in the vast mountainous landscape
  • Kayaking and cruising across the Fjord
  • Enjoy camping under the stars

Accommodation in Nuup Kangerlua Fjord

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