Kiattua Camp


Facilities & services

  • Five tepees
  • Mineral-rich hot tub
  • Dining tent with private chef
  • Open fire
  • Eco-bathroom with hot shower
  • Wood burning stove inside your private tent


  • Kayak across the fjord
  • Hike up the surrounding mountains
  • Explore the nearby Viking ruins
  • Relax in the hot tub beside the icy fjord

Found 80km from the capital city of Nuuk, near Mount Kinaussak’s base and facing the frozen Nuup Kangerlua, you’ll find the welcome comfort of Kiattua Camp. This all-inclusive camp is nestled in a protective inlet and only accessible by boat or helicopter from the capital.

Here, you’ll be fully surrounded by a landscape as indomitable as it is awe-inspiring, featuring the oldest mountains in the world at 3.8 billion years old, icy waters and even a sparkling waterfall. Far from the man-made world, the only touches of human hands outside of the camp can be found in the 800-year-old ruins of a Viking farmstead, bringing you closer to the world of Greenland’s first European inhabitants.

The tents offer a touch of glamour to this frozen wonderland, boasting plenty of space to feel at home. Each tent features a double bed, a small table with chairs and, most importantly, a wood stove to keep you cosy during the night. Close by in a separate tent, you’ll find a fully equipped eco-bathroom with a much-desired hot shower. Head over to the dining tent where your chef will prepare cuisine sourced fresh from the sea and served straight out of the fire, along with wines, local beers or, making full use of the surroundings, the purest water nature can offer.

There’s no better way to end a day than through soaking in the outdoor hot tub, allowing your muscles some soothing after busy days in the mountains and on the fjord, with the stunning surroundings as your backdrop.

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