Eqi Glacier Lodge


Facilities & services

  • Full board accomodation
  • Undisturbed views of the epic glacier
  • Inclusive of a boat trip to and from Ilulissat


  • Complimentary boat trip to Eqi Glacier
  • Hike atop the ice cap
  • Look out for arctic wildlife such as moskoxes, snow rabbits, arctic foxes, whales and seals

Sitting pretty in full contrast to the cool hues of Eqi Glacier’s landscape, are the 15 red ochre huts of the Eqi Glacier Lodge. This lodge has been perfectly designed to draw you into the phenomenal sights before you and since it is only accessible by boat or by helicopter from Ilulissat, you can be sure to arrive here with a true sense of adventure.

The design of these quaint huts, inspired by Nordic houses, perfectly integrate them into the surrounding tundra. Using sustainable resources, the huts cleverly supply heating as well as electricity through the use of solar panels. They offer panoramic views of this unique and unforgettable place which you can enjoy from the warmth of your room, or from your outside terrace.

All your meals are taken care of during your stay, and Café Victor provides guests you with a selection of warm, hearty foods made from the freshest Greenlandic produce.

Eqi Glacier is a hiker’s and wildlife-lover’s paradise. Whilst here, you can take a half-day walk towards the glacier or a take on a full-day hike to the ice cap. Whilst out and about, you’ll be sure to come close to the vast variety of wildlife here, including moskoxes, snow rabbits and artic foxes as well as whales and seals surfacing their heads from the icy deep.

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