Sticking to its name, meaning ‘peace’, La Paz is the incredibly tranquil flipside of the Los Cabos coin.

Located 110 miles (177 kms) north of Cabo San Lucas, on the interior eastern coastline of Baja California del Sur and in the Gulf of California, La Paz is a small, relaxed city that has preserved the slower pace and simplicity of this peninsula before it became so popular.

Providing a naturally beautiful escape of deserted islands, beaches and coves explored by boat or sea kayaking, most travel here for its long list of outdoors adventures rather than the port town itself, which lacks the colonial charm and high cultural buzz of say San Jose and San Lucas.

Nevertheless for the best scuba diving in Baja California, a spoiling choice of adventure activities, a more intimate encounter with the array of marine wildlife here (some call it a mini-Galapagos), and a true escape Baja-style, La Paz is the perfect fit.

What to do

  • Diving, hiking, rock climbing, birdwatching (La Paz, Todos Los Santos), whale-watching (yearly Jan-Mar), sea kayaking, surfing, (sport) fishing, golf. A place of peaceful temperament, solitary coves, uninhabited islands, deserted beaches and outdoors adventure sports.
  • The area is also perfect for sport fishing of rooster fish, amberjack, wahoo, yellow fin tuna, blue and blackmarlin, striped marlin.