Luxury Camping in the Heart of the Atacama Desert


Facilities & services

  • 10 tents (20 guests max.)
  • 10 tents, 20 pax
  • Heaters in tents
  • Massage centre
  • Restaurant tent
  • Restrooms and showers


  • Trips to see the deserts highlights by 4WD vehicle, bicycle, horseback and quad bike

Chile’s answer to ‘glamping’ : the travel concept and coined amalgam of glamorous camping, at Adventur Camp you will enjoy days of exploring the vast, colourful and contorted plains of the rugged Atacama desert followed by nights under a black dome of stars, sitting around a roaring bonfire and dining on Chilean haute cuisine.

Ten elegant, heated tents are padded out with all the luxury and authenticity associated with the rich caravanserais of the past plus the sustainable conscientiousness and techniques of today with power provided by solar energy. Adorned with hand woven rugs and throws, locally crafted art and wicker furniture, the tents are wonderfully stylish and cosy canvas caverns.

Expert guides will take you on a myriad of activities from trekking the salt flats, mountain or quad biking along the desert’s ravines to horseback riding and star gazing.

Nights are filled with good food, delicious regional wines, live music entertainment and cultural exchanges all in the most spectacular remoteness and stark beauty of the Atacama.

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