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Truly one of the most spectacular sites that nature has to offer, the scale of Iguassu falls has to be seen to be believed, with 275 falls cascading over almost three kilometres of the Parana river.

The spectacle is made all the more impressive by the setting; the lush tropical rainforests on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The waterfalls can be explored in all their glory with many different walkways around and over the cascades. There are also boat trips up to the falls themselves and, for the more adventurous, helicopter trips over the site.

What to do

  • Explore both sides of the falls on walkways and trails
  • Take a speedboat trip up close to the falls
  • Nature and birdwatching walks through the rainforest

When to go

The falls are spectacular all year round, and reach their peak force in January to March.


I remember visiting the Iguassu Falls and being totally blown away. I couldn’t quite believe the size, noise and beauty of the hundreds of waterfalls stretched out in front of me. The falls sit on the border between Argentina and Brazil, both sides offer a very different experience, so I’d really recommend visiting both. 

Lily Bunker
Travel Designer

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