Best Lodge in the Amazon for the Avid Wildlife Enthusiast


Facilities & services

  • Ten rooms on the floating lodge
  • Solar power
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • TV Room
  • Library


  • Daily excursions
  • Observation trails
  • Visits to local communities
  • Assisting with research programs

The Uacari lodge is the best lodge in the Amazon to see wildlife. It’s remote location in the Mamiraua wildlife preserve means that it is far away from the human influence and development near Manaus. This position has also been chosen by scientists as a base to explore and research the Amazon habitat, giving you some idea of the pristine state of the surroundings.Located in ‘varzea’ (flooded forest) does mean that there are mosquitoes here, but using repellent and covered clothing will mean this doesn’t present a problem.

The lodge itself is floating, and the accommodation is basic, but simple and comfortable with individual chalets with warm running water.The real attraction here is the wildlife with many hundreds of species in the area including the uakari monkey after which the lodge is named. All tours are accompanied by a local guide and, more often than not, a trained naturalist from the research centre. There are daily nature talks at the lodge and, at some times of year there may be the opportunity to accompany the naturalists on their research trips.

The lodge is really very remote and involves an extra scheduled flight from Manaus. Typically we would also suggest adding a night in Manaus either side of the trip.

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