One of the highest hotels in the world


Facilities & services

  • 12 rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Helipad

Perched upon a ridge at 3880m (12,700 feet) above sea level overlooking the Everest range, Hotel Everest View is aptly named with its view of the tallest mountain on the planet.

Designed by Japanese architect Yoshinobu Kumagaya and opened in 1971, each of its 12 rooms are simple yet comfortable, opening out onto balconies that make the most of the vista.

The restaurant serves up surprisingly good food given the remote location, ranging from Japanese style oyakodon and to western staples, to be enjoyed on the terrace or inside in a dining room a sheer rock face.

The hotel can be reached on foot with treks organised from Lukla, or by helicopter for those who want to arrive in style. Once here, it is a perfect place from which to explore the nearby villages and enjoy the beautiful landscape filled with evergreen fir trees, shrubs and rhododendron forests.

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