Idyllic mountain hideaway deep in the Himalayas


Facilities & services

  • Four luxury, en-suite guesthouses
  • Lounge and dining area


  • Trekking
  • Village walks
  • Fishing
  • Yoga and meditation

There are few places as secluded and spectacularly beautiful as Shakti 360° Leti, hidden deep in the Himalayan mountains. The journey here is an adventure in itself and once you reach this mountainous paradise at 8,000 feet, you’ll see what makes it such a special and unique place.

Shakti 360° Leti consists of four luxury cabins, an innovative combination of traditional building techniques and contemporary design. Each cabin features glass walls so you never have to miss out on the spectacular views. Luxury feather duvets and pashmina blankets keep you warm at night, until the sun peeks its head over the mountains in the morning and filters through the windows. En suite bathrooms with large brass sinks and fluffy bathrobes offer all the comfort you could need.

Activities naturally revolve about being out and about and experiencing this epic landscape. Village walks and trekking are what most people come for, but there’s a lot to be said for simply sitting back and watching the snow and the shadows of the peaks change colour, with a glass of wine in hand. When the last of the sun’s rays have disappeared behind the horizon, head into the lounge and curl up with a book by the fireplace.

To ensure the preservation of this remarkable and unique location, every effort has been made to exist in harmony with its natural surroundings. General supplies and produce for the restaurant are sourced locally and sustainable energy sources such are solar are used to heat water and provide electricity.

A stay at Shakti 360° Leti is an unforgettable experience; the fresh air, unsurpassable scenery and sense of tranquility are truly humbling.

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