Mobile camp always based in game-rich areas

Facilities & services
  • Two camps with eight double tents and one family tent each
  • Private open game viewing vehicle
  • Private dining settings
  • Game drives
  • Hot air ballooning in the north
  • Cultural experiences in the south

Immerse yourself in the unbelievable beauty of the African savannah at Legendary’s two migrational camps: Nyasi and Songa. Tucked away in the cool shade of acacia trees, the camps, whose Swahili names mean ‘grass’ and ‘move’ respectively, invite you to unwind and drink in all the rich landscape has to offer.

The two identical camps each have eight double and one family tent. Each of them is pitched as a split camp with six of the double tents on one side and two doubles and the family tent on the other. The camps are shifted between four sites in two locations through the year as they follow in the path of the Great Migration. It’s the perfect way to get excellent opportunities to witness the procession of more than two million wildebeest, zebra and Thomson’s gazelle.

Inside the tents you’ll find natural linens and textures inspired by the earthy colours and characteristics of your surroundings. Inspired by the peace of the Serengeti, the interiors have been designed to help you feel connected to nature and the ever-moving migration. Nyasi and Songa each have their own shared lounge and the private settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Head out with a guide for game viewing on a private open vehicle. If your camp is in the south you can can enjoy all day safaris in the Southern Serengeti, or in the Serengeti National Park if your camp is in the north. Children are allowed out on safaris at the discretion of their parents and professional guides. Northern Serengeti locations offer the option of hot air ballooning, and in the south you can choose to spend time with the Datoga Tribe.

Positive Impact

Successful poaching units

The Legendary Group established the Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) for the purpose of conserving more than 6 million acres of Tanzania’s protected areas. More than 120 full-time field-based rangers are trained and equipped to operate as mobile anti-poaching units. These rangers work under the guidance of two microlight pilots, five concession managers and two mobile anti-poaching coordinators in the field, all of whom report to their head office in Arusha. They arrest an average of 1,900 poachers per year, which is no small feat.

Bees and fish farms

FCF provides support to neighbouring communities through income-generating projects that focus on what villagers do well, improving their ability to be self-reliant in the long term. FCF is assisting small business owners with micro-financing and business consulting services. So far, beekeeping and fish farms have been invested in, to develop an extra source of income for the villagers.

For the community

They have established educational programmes at local school and set up scholarships. And they have also helped to improve healthcare by assessing the needs of local clinics and providing equipment, medicine and basic health education.

Where will you venture?

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