Climb to the Roof of Africa in Comfort & with Expert Guides


Facilities & services

  • Camping equipment and gear
  • Three meals a day plus snacks
  • Oxygen for emergency use (2 x 100L medical oxygen bottle, regulators and mask)
  • Pulse-oximeter which the head guide will check and chart everyday
  • Hyperbaric Chamber for emergency use
  • Automated External Defibrillator included on treks with a night in the Crater Camp
  • Stretcher
  • Medical equipment porter and First-aid and medicine kit
  • VHF handheld radios, Mobile phones and satellite phone


  • Climbing and hiking

Spend your nights camped out across the grand mountain that is Kilimanjaro and awaken to staggering views.

Accommodation comes in the form of large sleeping tents, all of which boast custom-made ground sheets to ensure your gear and vestibules remain clean and dry. Dining is taken care of with an expansive weatherproof dining tent including chairs and a Maasai styled dining table. Here you can enjoy delicious meals cooked up by a professional cook and served by your attentive waiter. Also provided are wash stands, fresh hand-towels and wash basins.

Camping at different points each night as you get closer to the summit, you will witness exceptional views and scenery while you continue with your daily climb with professional guides by your side. Enjoy the fantastic panoramic vistas on your final day when you reach the ‘roof of Africa’.

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