A collection of camps in the NamibRand Nature Reserve


Facilities & services

  • Dunes Lodge
  • Dune Camp
  • Private Camp
  • Boulders Camp


  • Scenic drives
  • Walking safaris
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Scenic flights
  • Star beds (sleepouts)
  • Village tours
  • Photography
  • Massage and wellness treatments

This is a collection of four camps in the NamibRand Nature Reserve (200,000–hectares) in the Namib Desert and south of Sossuavlei. The camps have a strong emphasis on protecting the environment, rebuilding the eco-system and uplifting local communities. The group is also part of The Long Run organisation.

Wolwedans boasts both an assortment of luxury tented accommodation all powered by solar energy but each has a different backdrop for a distinctive experience, and some of the best ‘bush-cuisine’ on the Namibian Safari Circuit.

The experience here is one of desolate, copper-tinged beauty, tapestry landscapes, extreme geology, kaleidoscope colours, fantastic yet down-to-earth service, scenic drives, hot-air balloon flights and rewarding nature walks. Plus all the modern creature comforts and old world charm.

Positive Impact

Restoring the ecosystem

The core objective of Wolwedans has always been to support the NamibRand Nature Reserve in its mission to safeguard and restore the Pro-Namib ecosystem and to be an economically sustainable operation. As the principal concessionaire, Wolwedans have contributed more than $1.5 million towards the conservation of NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Uplifting communities

Namibian culture is also at the heart of the business. The Wolwedans Foundation supports the social uplift of local communities through vocational training at the Desert Academy and the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education.

Sustainability efforts

Minimising environmental impact underpins the Wolwedans experience; camps have been designed using low-impact building techniques and sustainable technologies. The environment can fully restore itself within just a few months of a camp’s deconstruction. Scenic drives offer guests the chance to learn about desert dwellers and their quest for survival, the diverse flora and the NamibRand’s fascinating geology. A ‘sustainability tour’ educates guests about the onsite organic garden, grey-water system, solar farm and organic waste management. Where possible, home-grown produce is prepared in a local way and paired with the finest South African wines

The Long Run

The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability. Here at Jacada, we’ve signed The Long Run Charter – a document that advocates for a 4Cs approach to sustainability. By focusing on our impacts across the different areas of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, we hope to make a positive impact across the globe with our trips. The Long Run’s Global Ecosphere Retreats are hotels and lodgings which are centres of excellence in sustainability, and Fellow Members are properties committed to achieving the highest standards in sustainability by positively impacting the conservation of nature and improving the wellbeing of local communities. At Jacada, we’re working with a number of these properties to help increase the positive impact we’re striving to create through travel. Find out more about The Long Run here.

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