Far in the north, the Kunene Region is a true wilderness outpost, a remote place even by Namibian standards.

After flying over the endless golden dunes, one could be forgiven for thinking that nothing civilized could be in reach. But as you edge towards the frontier, a green band appears in the barren landscape, the meandering Kunene River that forms much of the border with Angola.

The only perennial water source in the entire region, the river creates a lush oasis along its banks – an inviting contrast to the lunar like landscape of the Namib Desert which supports the Himba people and wildlife such as crocodile, oryx and Hartmann’s zebra as well as other reptiles and birdlife. The real draw here though is the sheer isolation and surreal desert landscapes.

When to go

April and especially May are the best months to visit. Minimal rain, a real freshness in the air, and as much greenery in the landscape as you can expect in a desert region from recent rains, it is also the time when the air is most free from dust.


What to do

  • Nature drives in open Land Rovers
  • Guided quad bike excursions through the fragile dunes
  • Boating on the Kunene River
  • Walking in the remote mountain and river valleys and waterfalls
  • Visits to a Himba settlement (should the nomadic people be in the area)
  • Full day outing to Marienfluss Valley with a packed picnic lunch