Sophisticated Lodge in the Stunning Marienfluss Valley


Facilities & services

  • 7 standalone tented rooms
  • Central area with open dining room, two open lounges, swimming pool and Curio shop


  • Scenic drives into the mountains, the Marienfluss Valley and the Hartmann Valleys
  • Fishing (conventionally and fly fishing)
  • Birding and Sun downer cruises by spacious roofed boat (spot the rare Cinderella waxbill and grey kestrel)
  • Get up close and personal with the very wild Nile crocodiles of the Kunene River.
  • Visit to a traditional Himba village (please note: the Himba are nomadic people, so sometimes the villages are empty because they are moving together with their cattle)
  • Morning § afternoon walks

Scaling a ridge in the Marienfluss Valley and its central lodge built above the rapids of the Kunene, this is wild luxury at its best. The views are staggering with the colours constantly shifting into new ones depending on the time of day. Seven standalone wood and canvas rooms envelop you in the arid beauty at the same time delivering fine linen, a private terrace, indoor and outdoor showers, and a naturally stylish and eco-friendly ambience.

Bathe in incredible views, cool off in the pool, and dine on delicious African-Italian fusion food in all the remote splendour and under starry night skies.

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