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Luxury safaris in Varanda

A Fantastically Well-Rounded Beach Destination

Combining idyllic beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, wildlife and distinguishing culture, Varanda is an exceptionally unique destination on Mozambique’s northern coastline.

As a privately-owned nature reserve and exquisite coastal lagoon on a peninsula, it enjoys a intriguing historical and cultural angle being 10 minutes from the UNESCO-protected former capital (only site in the country that has afforded this) of Mozambique Island, and being near to the isolated Macua people in the Cabaceira towns.

With watersport pursuits galore and safaris to the Gorongosa National Park, Varanda makes a pleasing alternative to desert island paradises.

When to go

The archipelago enjoys warm temperatures all year round though the evenings can get a little cool in the winter months from July through September. There are chances of monsoons in February, March and April

What to do
  • Water sports (diving, whale watching, canoeing, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, fishing)

  • Safaris to the Gorongosa National Park

  • Trips by canoe or foot to the Varanda Nature Reserve and Lagoon

  • Visits to the Cabaceira Grande and Pequena communities to meet with the local Macua people

  • Trips to the UNESCO-protected Mozambique Island for a real slice of the countryâ??s history

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Accommodation in Varanda

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A beautifully assembled beachfront property, the Coral Lodge also occupies a tremendously...

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