Why has the Jacada Brand teamed up with Wilderness Safaris?

In order for the Jacada brand to best protect its guests and to move forward, it needed support. By  joining the family of Wilderness Safaris, a strong and reputable organisation, which for nearly 40 years has offered luxury travel experiences, composed around the commitment to conserve wilderness and wildlife, the Jacada brand has the support required.


Who are Wilderness Safaris?

Founded in 1983, Wilderness operates more than 50 of Africa’s premier safari camps with an outstanding reputation for service, guiding, and privileged access to the most pristine, diverse ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Proceeds from the safari experiences contribute to the conservation of  more than 2.3 million hectares and fund ongoing scientific research, as well as ecological restoration. Learn more about Wilderness Safaris >


What are the benefits to me of the Jacada Brand joining the Wilderness Safaris family?

Guests will experience two primary benefits of the Jacada brand joining the Wilderness Safaris family. The first is additional security. Wilderness is strong, stable and has been a reputable leader in personalised luxury travel experiences for nearly 40 years. The second key benefit is an even greater commitment to sustainability. Profits will go towards supporting the considerable conservation efforts of Wilderness which means you can feel even better about your upcoming trip.


Wilderness Safaris focuses on Africa. Will destinations outside of Africa still be offered?

Yes, by working with amazing suppliers around the globe  exceptional guest experiences across the planet will be provided.


I’ve tried to reach out in the past few weeks, why haven’t you answered?

Due to the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry, Jacada became unable to operate our business. This meant we had to shut down our channels. With the support of Wilderness Safaris, the Jacada brand is now able to continue. In the coming weeks, the number one priority will be reaching out to each of the guests who have existing travel plans.


I have an open booking with Jacada. Can I still go on my trip? Do I have to rebook? What happened to my deposit?

Each Jacada trip is custom-designed and therefore requires custom attention at this time. We will be personally telephoning each of our guests in the coming weeks to address questions, and to determine the best options for your trip. The travel landscape has been upended and because Covid-19 closures may have also impacted certain suppliers and operators, it cannot be guaranteed that all existing reservations will be able to operate as scheduled, be rebooked or that the trip itineraries will be exactly the same. We will do our utmost to maintain or reschedule your existing trip and in most instances, we believe we’ll be able to do just that.

My trip is outside of current known Covid travel restrictions, can I still rebook?

Yes, we will work one-on-one with each of our guests to rebook future travel as desired. These rebookings will be subject to supplier availability. We will be prioritising those who are travelling soonest.

Will my trip be the same after rebooking?

Every effort will be made to keep your current trip itinerary. In some instances, third party supplier availability and rates may have changed since your original booking. In these cases, new options will be identified for you to review. Additionally, if there are new rates (which could be higher or lower than originally quoted), we will work personally with you to ensure there are no surprises and that you’re comfortable with any revised quotes. We will not charge any rebooking fees.


What if I would like to cancel my trip for a full refund?

Guests are strongly encouraged to postpone, not cancel their trips. Many of the communities and ecosystems in which the Jacada brand operates have economies dependent on tourism. However, we will do our best to work with suppliers where possible to request a refund for guests. As most suppliers require a non-refundable deposit upon booking, a refund cannot be guaranteed.


Will the service be the same?

Absolutely. The Jacada brand prides itself on having the best travel designers in the industry. We will be personally handling each trip that is currently booked and rest assured that your trip details and experience will have the same high standard you have come to expect from Jacada.


I’d like to talk to someone about my trip

We look forward to that conversation, too. We will be personally reaching out to each guest with booked travel over the coming weeks, prioritising those that are departing first. The overwhelming priority in the immediate future is to speak one-on-one with each guest who has an upcoming trip with Jacada.


I received a communication that states that Jacada Travel Limited is “in administration”. What does that mean?

Covid-19 has hit the travel industry hard, in unpredictable and unprecedented ways.  Jacada became unable to fully meet its financial obligations, and had to enter a process called administration, which is primarily a business rescue procedure in the UK. This procedure enabled Wilderness Safaris, the world’s largest ecotourism provider, to help us and our guests navigate this challenge.  Further information on the administration can be found at www.kpmg.co.uk/jacadatravel.