Sustainability with Jacada Travel and A Plastic Ocean

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Written by
Celina Ho

Published on: December 8th, 2017

Last modified: January 20th, 2022

Jacada Travel Hong Kong hosted A Plastic Ocean private screening at The Haven with over 100 attendees on Monday 4th December. It was followed up with a panel discussion from Richard Ekkebus, Culinary Director at the Landmark Mandarin, Philippe Li from Hong Kong Recycles, Pat Dwyer, the Founder of The Purpose Business, and moderated by Karen Chang from Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Organised by Eco Drive, the event aimed to raise awareness and encourage the end of single use plastic, as well as to encourage recycling in Hong Kong. While you can manage it easily in your own city, how can you do that while travelling?

Bring A Drink Bottle with You

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the items that get flushed into the ocean. Instead, bring a bottle with you at all times and start refilling your bottles, avoiding plastic bottled water in your room provided by city hotels. If you are buying a drink or having a highball at a bar, don’t use plastic straw and drink straight from the glass.

Carry A Shopping Bag

In case you are looking to shop in all those fun night markets, do bring a shopping bag so you can easily bring home all gifts with it. Plastic bag usage in some countries are overwhelmingly unnecessary, say NO to the vendors!

Take Your Own Toiletries

Many of the hotels provide single use miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, you name it. It’s a good idea to carry your own toiletries so these single use items do not add up as the nights go on.

Stay in Properties or Join Tours with Sustainable Ethics

If you are keen to join properties and tours with a sustainable focus, speak to one of our Travel Designers in Jacada. They have a list of recommendations for you, not only it is fun but you will see a different aspect of things. Be it a school tour in Cambodia for a community trip, or head towards Costa Rica or Kenya for sustainable trips designed by us, they are all possible.