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Sustainability with Jacada Travel and A Plastic Ocean

Written by
Celina Ho

Jacada Travel Hong Kong hosted A Plastic Ocean private screening at The Haven with over 100 attendees on Monday 4th December. It was followed up with a panel discussion from Richard Ekkebus, Culinary Director at the Landmark Mandarin, Philippe Li from Hong Kong Recycles, Pat Dwyer, the Founder of The Purpose Business, and moderated by Karen Chang from Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Organised by Eco Drive, the event aimed to raise awareness and encourage the end of single use plastic, as well as to encourage recycling in Hong Kong. While you can manage it easily in your own city, how can you do that while travelling?

Bring A Drink Bottle with You

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the items that get flushed into the ocean. Instead, bring a bottle with you at all times and start refilling your bottles, avoiding plastic bottled water in your room provided by city hotels. If you are buying a drink or having a highball at a bar, don’t use plastic straw and drink straight from the glass.

Carry A Shopping Bag

In case you are looking to shop in all those fun night markets, do bring a shopping bag so you can easily bring home all gifts with it. Plastic bag usage in some countries are overwhelmingly unnecessary, say NO to the vendors!

Take Your Own Toiletries

Many of the hotels provide single use miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, you name it. It’s a good idea to carry your own toiletries so these single use items do not add up as the nights go on.

Stay in Properties or Join Tours with Sustainable Ethics

If you are keen to join properties and tours with a sustainable focus, speak to one of our Travel Designers in Jacada. They have a list of recommendations for you, not only it is fun but you will see a different aspect of things. Be it a school tour in Cambodia for a community trip, or head towards Costa Rica or Kenya for sustainable trips designed by us, they are all possible.

Our favourite itineraries for sustainable travel.

Angkor Wat and the Idyllic Coast

Cambodia is famous for its temples and no trip is complete without visiting the magnificent Angkor Wat complex. What most people don’t know about, however, is Cambodia’s beautiful coastline. A few hours south of Phnom Penh you’ll find pristine rainforest, laidback fishing villages and islands where turquoise waters lap against gorgeous white sand beaches.

This 16-day exploration really lets you get the most out of this incredible country. You’ll start with four days exploring Angkor Wat, visiting both the most famous temples as well as those that lay further off the beaten track. Sunset drinks at Angkor Thom and a sunrise visit to the temples allows you to see the area at is most magical with the ancient relics set against an ever-changing sky.

You’ll then spend two nights in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital and a city known for its unsettled history. A visit to the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum are important, and sobering, experiences but there are also beautiful palaces and pagodas to discover in the city itself.

It’s then time to explore Cambodia’s wonderful southern coast, starting with three nights in Kep, a quaint seaside town and former French colonial retreat. You’ll visit hillside temples, explore hidden caves and lakes and try some of the delicious crab that this area is so famous for. You’ll then head to the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge nestled in the Cardamon Rainforest. From your over-water tent you can kayak through magrove forests, swim in waterfalls, hike through the forest and enjoy sunsets from your private balcony.

Your final destination is Song Saa Private Island – the epitome of an idyllic tropical getaway. Villas are scattered across two islands and the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are begging to be explored. Snorkel, swim and paddleboard to your heart’s content, watch the sun set from your private pool and enjoy incredible food and service from a team who are excited to share their little bit of paradise with you.

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Community and Conservation in Kenya

While we strive for sustainability in all our luxury safaris, we’ve singled out these award-winning ecolodges not only for minimizing their environmental footprint, but also for their pioneering wildlife conservation projects and, importantly, support of and cooperation with local communities and culture.

Begin the Samburu region and the gorgeous Moroccan tents of Sasaab Lodge. The river that runs by attracts rich game and northern specialities such as Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Gerenuk antelope and Somali ostrich, as well as local Samburu herders and their flock. The Samburu here own the land on which the lodge is sat, earning an income in a way that encourages the protection of the landscape. The majority of staff and guides are also local, so you can be assured of an intimate and genuine cultural experience on village visits, camel rides and walks – a truly special introduction to Kenya.

Next, head south to the green Chyulu Hills at Campi ya Kanzi, the only safari lodge on a Maasai-owned reserve spanning 283,000 acres of pristine wilderness back-dropped by Mount Kilimanjaro. The luxury here comes from sharing the vast landscape – dotted with wandering elephant, lion and giraffe – with just (at most) 15 other guests, and from the unforgettable experience of tracking wildlife with a Maasai guide through his own land. Preserving wildlife, wilderness and culture has been central to the lodge for years.

End on the iconic plains of the Masai Mara at the unique Cottar’s 1920s Camp. Family run and on community owned land, the Cottars work in partnership with the Maasai here and have funded a number of projects including a school, footbridge and anti-poaching efforts, protecting a vital corridor for the great migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra between the Serengeti and the Mara’s plains. Witnessing this incredible spectacle is the greatest finale to any Kenyan safari.

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Community and Conservation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a global leader in sustainability. With some 98% of electricity generated from renewable sources, around a third of its territory protected, it’s on track to become the first carbon-neutral country by 2020.

It has also long been a celebrated ecotourism destination and the lodges we have handpicked for this luxury tour are world class pioneers in their sustainable practices, both protecting the rich ecosystems in which they work and in supporting the local community, allowing you to discover the beauty and ‘pure life’ of Costa Rica knowing that your travel is benefitting the areas you explore.

Begin in the green mountains outside of San Jose at Finca Rosa Blanca where you’ll learn about and taste incredible organic coffee and chocolate before rafting through the rainforest to Pacuare Jungle Lodge. Home to toucans and howler monkeys, explore this beautiful area from your room among the trees on wildlife walks, treks, canopy tours and meet the indigenous Cabecar tribe that live nearby.

Then it’s to the cloud forests that surround El Silencio, hiking to its fabulous waterfall and experiencing the rural life of the Los Bajos del Toro Amarillo community before a final three days at the Lapa Rios, a multi award-winning eco lodge overlooking the Pacific, that is a model for sustainable luxury. Here, head out on forest hikes, bird watch, go ocean kayaking, horseback riding or surfing, knowing that your time here contributes to the protection of an area of incredible biodiversity.

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