Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore, Florence, Italy

How much do you know about Florence, the Renaissance city?

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Written by
Michele Santomassimo

Published on: April 8th, 2019

Last modified: April 8th, 2019

The majestic and enchanting Florence city was once was governed by the Medici, a powerful family who influenced the artistic and economic life of Tuscany - and the world - for around 300 years. Born first as financial hub with money lenders and traders, it then became a strong political centre with potent governors and dukes that were directly linked with the Catholic Church. During these brilliant years, famous artists like Michelangelo, Ghiberti and Brunelleschi took part in the greatest art works of Florence, making this city today one of the most visited ones in the world... and Jacada can take you there.

If you want to take a journey back to the Renaissance period and relive those special moments, Jacada can take you on exclusive and private guided tours of the city which are truly memorable experiences. Hear about scandals and intriguing relationships of the most influencing characters of the artistic and political scene of Florence. Discover hidden paths and strategic tunnels to escape political ambushes. Come and meet our guides like Alessandra who has a passion for art and history and can easily take you back in time any minute.

Michele and Alessandra

Italian herself, Alessandra grew up in Florence where she absorbed the history and the charm of the city. She spent some time in the States for a few years and now lives in one of Michelangelo’s old properties just outside Florence (unbelievable eh?!). Alessandra is very knowledgeable and passionate about history and art and can easily enchant you with legends, facts and myths of the renaissance period of Florence. Ask her about Michelangelo’s life and personality and she will start talking about this genius’ life for hours as if there was no ending. Get her to talk about the Medici and you will fall in love with this family’s history and her engaging way to tell stories.

I was lucky to meet her in Florence during a guided tour focused on the Medici and Michelangelo. I was shown incredible places like The Opera del Duomo, also known as the “OPA”, which is the Cathedral Workshop or “works commission” and was founded by the Republic of Florence in 1296 to oversee the construction of the new Cathedral and its bell tower. Today it is a museum with the history of the Duomo, the Gates of Paradise of Ghiberti and the mini dome model of Brunelleschi. If you are then a big fan of Medici you can get to see the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, the Medici chapels and the Laurentian Library which houses what must be considered the most important and prestigious collection of antique books in Italy.

The intricately painted dome of the Chapel of the Princes in the Medici Chapel

If you'd like to learn more about Florence's fascinating history, get in touch with our Europe team today.