Catherine Bennett


 I worked in travel as a destination expert for Europe for five years, which really developed my passion for the area. And now as a concierge I love having the opportunity to continue sharing that enthusiasm for such a wonderfully varied continent! I’ve been lucky enough to do some of my travel as a member of choirs and orchestras performing all over the world, so it has been great to see some of these places from a local perspective while working there, as well as a tourist on my own holidays.

I had a change from the world of travel when the world briefly shut down, where I worked in the London Ambulance Service. This gave me the opportunity to learn about a completely different side of people’s lives, and I’ll always be grateful for that time.

Being able to help people have their dream experiences and share that joy of travel is truly special, and I’m so glad to be at a company that makes those dreams a reality for so many people.

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