Taha’a is located south east of Bora Bora, and is characterised by fertile valleys and gentle sloping hills.

Bananas, watermelons and coconuts grow in abundance here, and the island is also responsible for almost all of the vanilla produced in French Polynesia. You’ll find it used in the local cooking as well as in luxurious spa products.

Taha’a can only be reached from the neighbouring island of Raiatea and although they both share the same lagoon, the two islands are very different. Taha’a is smaller and quieter amd its gorgeous landscape lends itself to hiking and jeep safaris.

The lagoon is also a great place to snorkel, swim and kayak and there are lots of secluded islets dotted along the reef.

What to do

  • Hike along Taha'a gentle rolling hills
  • Visit a vanilla plantation
  • Take a jeep safari through the island
  • Swimming and snorkelling

Accommodation in Taha'a

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