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Responsible Travel

Our Ethics

For us, responsible travel is intrinsically linked with luxury travel. The low-impact, high-value model of the luxury travel industry is one with sustainability in mind.

At Jacada Travel, we know we have a great responsibility to make travel an uplifting experience for everyone, from our travellers to the people they meet at their destination. Travel has the power to be immensely positive for everyone, if it’s conducted responsibly.

Therefore, we follow certain guides across all our regions:

  • Our guides are local, which benefits the community economically and also in allowing them to show travellers their land on their own terms. We encourage our clients to buy locally and suggest stores that are run by local artisans. Developing strong, lasting relationships with our local partners also results in a sustainable and long-term boost to the economy of a destination.
  • We do not promote any irresponsible forms of travel and provide our travellers with the information to make informed decisions.
  • The hotels, lodges and camps we work with all share our ethics, support the local community and work to protect their surrounding environment. They use sustainable fuel sources, operate on a low impact model, and have their own community projects that they support with their own profits. In areas of wilderness, these lodges protect the land and wildlife with the revenue made from low-volume tourism.
  • We give back to community and environmental charities (see below).
  • Finally, our own offices operate on a green basis. We avoid unnecessary printing, we recycle everything, and a large percentage of us walk and/or cycle to work.
Giving Back

Jacada Travel supports a number of charities across the world. We give back a portion of our profits to these charities, ensuring that a donation from each trip sold goes to both a community and environment regional charity.


Rhinos Without Borders

Faced with a devastating rise in illegal rhino poaching in South Africa, Rhinos Without Borders was formed by Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond in order to start moving these endangered animals away from the poaching hotspots in South Africa to a safer environment in Botswana. They aim to move 100 rhinos in total.

The budget to translocate just one rhino is USD 45,000. The whole project, including ongoing and monitoring and security, requires a total budget of USD 4.5 million.

Back in January 2015, we held an event in aid of rhino projects, including Rhinos Without Borders, and raised over £10,500 (USD 16,300).



Uthando (Love) South Africa is a unique and innovative non-profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited company. The aim of Uthando is to raise funds and other forms of assistance for community development projects in South Africa.

Uthando also offers meaningful experiences for FIT travellers as well as groups of any size in the sprawling and impoverished townships of Cape Town.

Most recently, we helped fund the new Isiseko Educare Centre (below), a day-care centre, in the Cape Town township of Mfuleni.

Latin America

We support the LATA Foundation, principally the two projects below. However, due to the small nature of these projects, the amounts we donate are often surplus to requirement, so our donations are also shared out between other LATA Foundation projects.

Kids Saving the Rainforest

KSTR rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife in and around Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. The organisation was founded in 1999 when two nine-year-olds, Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone, were inspired to protect the rainforest and its wildlife. Read their story here.

The LATA Foundation is currently supporting KSTR with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the first troop of endangered squirrel monkeys. In 2014, we supported a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project, which enabled KSTR to study animals, rehabilitate them via a natural pre-release process and release them back into the wild. Recently, we have funded tracking collars which are being used to release rehabilitated sloths back into the wild.

Condor Trust

Over the past ten years, the Condor Trust has helped over 80 young Ecuadorians attend secondary school and/or higher education. Some of the first students taken on in 2004 graduated from university in 2012 and now have professional jobs, which demonstrates how successful the whole cycle of support can be.

Our funds currently fund the provision of uniform, books and school materials to enable five children from low or no income families to attend secondary school in the city, with the ultimate aim of helping them complete their education, find a job and break the cycle of poverty.


Building Schools for Burma

Building Schools for Burma is a project set up by Patrick Gilfeather to advance the education of the children of Myanmar/Burma by providing educational facilities and building schools in Burma. He aims to eventually build at least one school in each of Myanmar’s states.

In 2014, Kate went to see a school Paddy added to part of an existing monastery near Bagan.

More about Paddy’s charity here:

Building Schools for Burma

Borneo Rainforest Project, The World Land Trust

Since 2008, WLT and its project partners have been working to secure strategically vital areas of Bornean forest to create wildlife corridors and to connect fragmented patches, ensuring that a continuous, protected habitat exists for wildlife and local communities.

There are more than 74,000 acres (30,000 hectares) of forest under protection in the Lower Kinabatangan floodplain, but these reserves are fragmented and under threat from the expansion of agriculture, namely oil palm production.


Mousetrap Theatre Projects

Mousetrap Theatre Projects believe passionately in the power of theatre to transform young lives. Each year they take thousands of children and young people who are disadvantaged or have special needs to see London’s top theatre. They open the doors to this magical world to those who would otherwise find them closed.

Theatre trips are just the beginning. They also run an extensive range of theatre education projects in schools and youth clubs across London, designed to encourage creativity, teach new skills, develop self-esteem, boost self-confidence and raise aspirations.

Asociación Ondine

Asociación Ondine is an environmental organisation focusing on improving marine ecosystems around the Balearic Islands. They organise beach clean ups, run courses for children about plastic pollution, and work with events to reduce their plastic consumption.

Mallorca is the only Mission Blue Hope Spot in the Mediterranean, with eight Marine Protected Areas (MPAS) and one natural reserve. Asociación Ondine aims to increase this by working with the government and scientists to work out ways in which tourist activities, such as diving, can be sustainable.

They also run their own research projects, such as a four-year stingray survey. They will soon be starting a seahorse survey.

Whatever you want from your tour or adventure, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

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