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Luxury travel and sustainability should go hand in hand. We’re on a mission to prove this, and are taking steps to become more sustainable in everything we do. Hoping to lead the way with integrity and honesty, we’ve partnered with a number of charities to create a positive impact around the world through our trips. We believe that a low-impact, high-value model of the travel industry, which prioritises sustainability, is the only way to travel. Our ultimate aim is to create positive impact around the world through our trips, and we hope you will join us on our journey.

We’re taking steps to increase the positive impacts of our business and to minimise the negatives. We want to communicate our journey towards sustainability with honesty and transparency. Our mission is to ensure we have as much of a positive impact as possible, and this mission is never-ending. Here’s some of the things we’re doing right now, but stay tuned as we update you on our journey to create positive impact across the globe.

Lush green rainforest of Costa Rica

How we are minimising our negative impact: Saving the Rainforest

It’s an unfortunate fact that the travel industry contributes towards global carbon emissions, but we don’t want people to stop travelling. In fact, Travel & Tourism as an industry creates the equivalent of 1 in 10 jobs in the global economy and supports livelihoods in many parts of the developing world.


By partnering with Cool Earth and their community-led partnerships, we are working to prevent deforestation whilst maintaining biodiversity and carbon storage levels for every trip sold. Put simply, that means each person who travels with us helps preserve the equivalent of one acre of rainforest. To find out more about how we’re helping Cool Earth to save the rainforest, see our frequently asked questions below.

How is Jacada helping Cool Earth to save the rainforest?

For every trip you take with Jacada, you are preserving the equivalent of an acre of our precious rainforest. This is because we donate a portion of our profits from each trip to support Cool Earth’s community-focused conservation initiatives.

Cool Earth focuses on protecting the rainforest by putting people first. Partnering with rainforest communities on the frontline of deforestation, Cool Earth works to ensure that local people earn more from keeping the rainforest standing than they would from clearing it. By helping to create sustainable livelihoods in rainforest communities, Cool Earth enables local people to benefit from the rainforest. Ultimately, this means communities are able to protect their local area of rainforest rather than sell the land to loggers. Cool Earth only works with villages who approach them; the villages then decide how funds are spent and are in control of driving the partnership.

How does Cool Earth measure the impact their work is having?

As Cool Earth works directly with communities, their projects grow organically when neighbouring villages ask to come on board. Local partners report the progress they are seeing in their community directly to Cool Earth, so the charity can measure the impact they are having without involving an intermediary. So far, Cool Earth has helped to protect over 900,000 acres of rainforest, lock in a total of 230 million tonnes of CO2 and empower 118 villages. With an MEL team looking at everything from satellite data to household surveys, Cool Earth is ensuring that it’s as effective as possible.

Where are the communities you’re helping?

Cool Earth currently supports communities in three countries on three different continents - Peru, the Democractic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea. At Jacada, we've teamed up with Cool Earth to support rainforest communities in Peru. Peru's rainforests are some of the world's most at-risk areas, with illegal logging and coca destroying the forest.

How are the rights of the communities Cool Earth works with protected?

Rainforest communities whose forest is under threat are understandably vulnerable to exploitation, manipulation and abuse by outsider interests. Cool Earth is unique in their approach, always ensuring that they put the community in control of every stage of partnership development. Five golden rules underpin Cool Earth’s commitment to protecting the rights of communities. Developed in line with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, they are as follows:

1) Cool Earth does not approach communities but instead, capacity and funding is provided for people in the rainforest who wish to seek assistance in their efforts to protect the rainforest

2) Any meetings are conducted for all to attend in the community, in the most open, explanatory and inclusive way possible

3) All community partners are able to cease agreements at any time and must renew their consent to work with Cool Earth on at least an annual basis

4) Cool Earth allows communities to decide what to spend allocated funds on, provided that the spending relates to one of the following six categories: poverty, health, education, micro-credit, sustainable incomes and conservation training

5) Cool Earth will never hold land rights and will always protect the indigenous communities in establishing their own rights over the forest

Is there a way to find out how much rainforest my trip has helped save?

When you travel with Jacada, we donate a portion of the profits to one of Cool Earth’s community partnerships. Put simply, each person who travels with us helps to preserve an acre of rainforest, and supports other manifold benefits.


How we are increasing our positive impact


Every time you book a trip with us, we donate a portion of the profits to a local charity that supports community-focused and conservation-focused initiatives in the region you’re travelling to. You can find out more here.


Favouring suppliers with the same mission

We work with some amazing partners across the world who share our values. In Cambodia, our local partner is a registered social enterprise that ensures 100% of all profits from the company go directly to their foundation. The foundation supports under-funded education in Cambodia, and to date over 53,000 children in 110 schools have been supported. The education provided by the foundation allows these children to enrich their local communities, and increases their opportunity for future employment.


In Kenya, our local partner conducts free medical camps in the Mara and runs a programme called Wildlife Warriors. This programme has provided conservation education to over 2,000 children from the local community, enabling them to conserve their land, and in turn, their way of life.

Group of happy African girls from Samburu tribe, Kenya, Africa

In New Zealand, our local partner focuses on incorporating Maori values into their work. Working closely with the Maori guardians of private land, they take time to understand the meaning of the land to its ancestors. They then share this knowledge with the Maori youth, creating a model of tourism that is based on protecting cultural heritage.


Animal welfare

We believe that wild animals should be viewed in their natural habitat, living in the wild. Contact and interaction such as feeding or bathing animals disturbs them from their natural habitat, so we believe in encouraging our travellers to interact with wildlife from a distance. We ensure that our trips avoid any activities that exploit domestic or working animals. We have also joined the World Animal Protection (WAP) list of elephant friendly travel companies and don’t allow any activities that allow our travellers to pet or walk with wild animals.



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