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Luxury travel to Manu Amazon Biosphere

The most Biodiverse Area of the Amazon

The Manu biosphere is a carefully protected area of rainforest that is arguably the biodiverse area of the entire Amazon, and certainly one of the most naturally abundant national parks in the world. There are over 1000 species of bird, 200 species of mammal (including 13 species of monkey) and many tens of thousands of flowering plants. Species, commonly spotted here include giant otters, hyacinth macaws, monkeys and lowland tapirs. This is also an area in which the jaguar makes its habitat and can sometimes be seen.

The Manu Biopshere is one of the premier wildlife spotting locations in all of South America and one of the world’s most special and important natural wildernesses.

What to do
  • Nature walks

  • Bird watching

  • Lake navigation

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Accommodation in Manu Amazon Biosphere

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The most comfortable lodge located inside the Manu Lowlands, this is a special place to stay,...

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