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Luxury travel to Arequipa

The 'White City' - Beautiful Colonial Architecture

Nicknamed ‘The White City’ because of its use of white volcanic rock throughout the area, Arequipa is surrounded by the mighty Andes Mountains and historic sites.

One of the highlights is visiting the colourful Santa Catalina Convent. Founded in the 15th century, this is almost a city within a city, its narrow cobblestone pathways leading through bright blue and red painted passageways and buildings.

The city is a real pleasure to explore and our guides will help the history come alive for you. Arequipa was recently declared a UNESCO world heritage site and visitors can enjoy views of their famous snow-capped volcano from anywhere in the city. Speak to a Travel Designer about including a visit to Arequipa on your luxury Peru tour.

What to do
  • Explore the colonial centre of the city

  • Visit the Colca Canyon

Itineraries including Arequipa


A privately guided tour of Peru's cultural highlights, ancient civilisations and Andean highlands

Talk to one of our experts today and start creating your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Arequipa.

Accommodation in Arequipa

Here are some of our travel designers' favourite options


This hotel, located in the White City Arequipa, is a national historic monument. Formerly a...

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