Tikal, Guatemala

Uaxactún Camping

A campsite deep in the Tikal National Park

Stay in an archaeological site

Uaxactún Camping is an experience like no other. Set deep in the jungle of Tikal National Park, this camp is part of the village of Uaxactún, where mysterious ruins dating back to the Pre-Classic Mayan period and the village community of around 400 are your only companions. It is a truly secluded stay in the depth of nature.

The spacious nine tents here sit on wooden platforms and include their own bathrooms, although showers are found in the communal block, along with large, comfy beds. Within the camp there is a large hang-out area for you to relax in, either with a morning coffee or an evening drink after a long day exploring the ruins. The camp is a truly cosy and intimate stay.

For dining, you’ll enjoy all your meals in the homes of members of the community. During your time with the villagers you’ll also get to see how the surrounding jungle sustains the community by providing two important exports: chicle, an elastic byproduct of tree sap used in chewing gum, and xate, a fern with perfectly symmetrical leaves that’s used in floral arrangements.

Settle into deck chairs outside your tent as the tropical birds and howler monkeys in the nearby trees greet the break of dawn, or admire the twinkling lights above as owls and other nocturnal creatures fill the night sky with their chatter.


An intimate camp with nine spacious, raised tents

Dine on traditional meals in the home of those in the community

Relax with a morning coffee in the communal area

Learn how the jungle sustains the community

Explore the historical ruins

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