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Luxury travel to The Amazon

Ecuador's Slice of the Mighty River

The last great natural wilderness, the Amazon is a truly awesome location that needs to be experienced to be fully understood. With one fifth of the world’s fresh water, the sheer scale of the Amazon River is breathtaking, with new fish, bird and animal species constantly being discovered.

Whilst many associate the Amazon purely with Brazil, this area of lowlands in Ecuador is part of the basin that feeds and forms the Amazon River. Wildlife here is diverse and abundant making it a perfect spot from which to explore this most unique of habitats.

Our Amazon lodges are the very best on offer located away from development and deforestation, so that you experience the most pristine natural wilderness.

What to do
  • Wildlife trails

  • Bird watching

  • Night walks

  • Cultural experiences

When to go

The Amazon is driest in January and the wettest month is July, but it is fine to visit all year round.


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Lodges and cruises in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Here are some of our travel designers' favourite options


With just 18 cabins sequestered within this 148ft-long cruise vessel, you’ll never find...


Focusing supporting the local community and protecting its biodiverse surroundings, Sani is an...


Possibly one of the most luxurious lodges in this very remote region, La Selva is a delightful...


Located in a closer position to Quito than other Amazon lodges, the Hamadryade does not...


The Napo Wildlife Centre is one of the best run and most environmentally sound lodges in this...


Slightly closer to the town of Coca, Sacha lodge is more easily reached than other lodges...

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