Nestled between the Rio Grande de Tarcoles to the north and the Fila Negra mountains to the west, Cerros de Turrubares is a wonderfully rural and unspoilt area of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific region. Its the least populated of Costa Rica’s 81 cantons and while it’s certainly off-the-beaten-track, its proximity to the Carara National Park and the central Pacific coastline is reason enough to stop by.

The Carara National Park is a just 6 miles from Cerros de Turrubares and contains one of the last portions of primary rainforest in the region. It’s home to a simply stunning amount of wildlife. The Tarcoles River, at the northern boundary of the park, is a good place to spot crocodiles, scarlet macaws and white-faced capuchin monkeys. Journey just 10 miles outside of Turrubares and you’ll hit the Pacific coast at Herradura, surrounded by beach towns offering an abundance of activities such as surfing, swimming, jet skiing and kayaking.

The canton” capital San Pablo is a quaint and traditional town whose residents are renowned for being excellent cooks. No stay in the region will be complete without sampling local dishes such as tamales wrapped and steamed in banana leaves and a delicious variation on rice pudding, “Arroz con leche”.

What to do

  • Visit the Carara National Park
  • Tour TuruBaRi Tropical Park
  • Spot wildlife near the San Pedro River Basin
  • See Biagual Waterfalls