A coastal treasure in Colombia's Caribbean paradise


Facilities & services

  • Spa
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Four Resort Pools


  • Braid Workshop
  • Plankton Tour
  • Cinema Under the Stars

Barú, Colombia’s mesmerizing Caribbean paradise is now brighter than ever with the fabulous Sofitel Barú sitting on its shores. Enveloped in glistening vistas, white-bone sand and turquoise waters, Sofitel Barú has been carefully designed to seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings.

The hotel is located a 25-40 minute boat ride from Cartagena, where you can appreciate Colombia’s historical charm. It features ten towers with 187 rooms, including 23 suites. All the rooms offer a choice of garden or ocean views. Being LEED certified, the hotel draws inspiration from the surrounding biodiversity, each detail is carefully considered using natural materials to evoke a feeling of luxury, which translates to relaxation, sophistication and fun à la plage.

There is also a plethora of dining options. The on-site restaurants combine the best of local flavours with a sprinkling of international influences. At its Calablanca Restaurant, a special focus is placed on ancestral cooking techniques and farm-to-table ingredients are used wherever possible. Its Humo Restaurant celebrates only  seasonal products, with a menu that is constantly evolving and changing.

As the sun begins to set over the ocean, come and find a variety of small bites and handcrafted cocktails at one of its multiple bars and lounges (a total of seven to be precise).

There is an exciting collection of activities to discover. Of its many rewarding experiences and fun excursions, you will find a plankton tour, a cinema experience under the stars, as well as a braid workshop – an immersive experience in Afro-Caribbean culture.

Personalised wellness is also at the heart of  Sofitel Barú . The resort is home to a spacious spa and fitness centre where an extensive menu of holistic treatments awaits.  You’ll also find a total of four swimming pools to choose from. Which one will you pick for your morning dip? The possibilities are endless…

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