Quirky, distinct and luxurious


Facilities & services

  • Full board including wine and soft drinks
  • Hydro-massage bath in every room
  • Open-air swimming pool
  • Solar-heated Jacuzzi
  • Taheta Spa


  • Daily explorations in small groups with driver and english speaking guide
  • Explore the island by bicycle
  • Sea explorations arranged by Explora using traditional local boats

Another luxurious addition to the Explora hotel range. The Rapa Nui hotel doesn’t disappoint, very much in the concept of the other Explora properties with stunning architecture, beautiful curving wooden interiors, exemplary service and activities.

Set on a hill in a quiet area away from the more populated Hanga Roa. The 30 well-appointed rooms each have a sea view and are tastefully decorated in keeping with the surrounds. Rooms are equipped with hydro-massage baths to relax in after a day exploring.

Hotel facilities include an outdoor pool and jacuzzi as well as a spa area to relax in. All meals and full program of activities are included in the cost.

The hotel is also renowned for its innovative educational scheme, the Explora Rapa Nui Terevaka Outreach Programme, aimed at allowing students to gain knowledge in enriching the island’s scientific and touristic potential.

Positive Impact

Outreach programme

Explore Rapa Nui set up the Explora Rapa Nui Terevaka Outreach Programme, an annual workshop for local Rapa Nui students above the age of 16. This educational platform in partnership with leading archaeologist, Brett Shephardson, aims for the local community to take charge of their heritage, enriching the island’s scientific and touristic potential. By the end of the programme, each participating student would be a knowledge bearer not only for his fellow Rapa Nui, but also for the international academic and travel communities.

Helping students

With each new version, the program has gained the respect of local families, who have also become increasingly involved in each process. 2015 saw a dramatic increase in the number of students who applied to the program, which led to a selection based on school grades, gender equality and a personal cover letter. As well as this, the initiative has also seen the collaboration of the international academic community with the presence of two post-graduate students from the universities of Northern Arizona and Mount Holyoke. The participating students could choose from two workshops: archaeology and renewable energy – two of the island’s main concerns.

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