Set along the northeast Brazilian coastline, Recife is a world of sprawling, city skyscrapers combined with a small and intriguing colonial centre.

This large riverside city is a fusion of historic churches, modern high-rises and thriving markets which come together to create a vibrant and cultural feel. What’s more, Recife’s impressive coastal landscape offers lovely beach time with sandy Boa Viagem Beach offering warm, emerald waters, while gorgeous, wide beaches can be found in the chilled out southern town of Porto de Galinhas.

Capital of the state of Pernamnuco, Recife is one of Brazil’s largest cities and home to numerous leafy suburbs. These pleasant neighbourhoods offer an alternative to the bustling central, with interesting museums and laid-back parks waiting to be explored.

What to do

  • Shop for arts and crafts in the bustling markets.
  • Relax on the laid-back, wide beaches in Porto de Galinhas.