Lake Side Hotel with Spectacular Views


Facilities & services

  • Electric blankets
  • Room Service
  • Sumaj Untavi Restaurant
  • Choza Nautica Restaurant
  • Lakeside Cafe
  • Spa
  • Bar


  • Picnics with local natives
  • Trips to Kalauta Island by traditional reed boats

Located in Huatajara, an hour and thirty minutes from La Paz on the lapping eastern shores of Lake Titicaca, this modern seventy-room hotel occupies a lovely spot on the water’s edge and has a spa offering massages to mud and salt baths.

Even though Inca Utama is not the height of luxury the staff make every effort to please and the rooms are simple, very pleasant, and comfortable. Some have wonderful views over the lake from which you might catch a local rowing past in his tortoro (reed boat).

There are also two restaurants in which to dine in one of which, Chozo Nautica, is an enchanting circular thatched pontoon jutting out into lake’s placid waters.

Inca Utama is also very supportive of Lake Titicaca’s local communities and there is a small eco-village located to the side of the hotel. Here guests can wander around watching handicrafts being made, traditional reed boats being woven or visit a local shaman.

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