Bahia Bustamante, Argentina

Bahia Bustamante

A seaside lodge with access to pure nature

Seaside sanctuary amidst Patagonia’s natural splendour

Bahia Bustamante is a secluded seaside lodge in the heart of Patagonia, surrounded by remarkable biodiversity. Its location is part of the Patagonia Austral National Park and the Blue Patagonia UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognised for its abundance and variety of seabirds and marine mammals. Here, the only sounds are the whispering wind, the melodies of hundreds of bird species and the gentle crash of waves against the shore. With the ocean on one side and endless steppe on the other, Bahia Bustamante is a haven for nature lovers, biologists, adventurers and artists alike.

The restaurant serves delectable local cuisine, with ingredients sourced from the lodge’s own garden. Guests can unwind at the bar and communal living room, which offers expansive views of the sea. 

The diverse landscape surrounding Bahia Bustamante ranges from serene marine environments to desert-like moonscapes and are home to numerous bird and mammal species. Of the 16 marine bird species that nest along Argentina’s coast, 13 can be found in Bahia Bustamante. This region is also a crucial stopover for migratory birds such as the Red Knot, White-rumped Sandpiper and Hudsonian Godwit, which have significant non-breeding colonies on Tierra del Fuego island.

From here, guests can embark on activities that showcase the unique landscape and wildlife of the region. Sail along Malaspina Cove to visit colonies of sea lions and seabirds as you learn more about the area’s vibrant marine life. Just 15 minutes from the lodge, explore Penguin Island, home to a lively colony of Magellan penguins. For those fascinated by ancient natural history, a 4×4 ride combined with a moderate trek leads to the Petrified Forest, a fascinating terrain formed over 60 million years ago.


Home to 13 of the 16 marine bird species that nest along Argentina’s coast

Bar and living room with large windows offering stunning ocean vistas

Restaurant serving delicious cuisine made with local ingredients

Memorial Room showcasing the town's origins and lives of its early inhabitants through engaging displays and artefacts

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