In the hilly west of Myanmar lies an untouched patchwork of tribal villages. Travel through tough mountainous terrain to the state’s remote corners of Kanpetlet, Aye and Mindat. While the journey may be long and off-the-beaten-track, the experience is incredible.

With their customs preserved, these Chin and Kyardo tribes maintain a lifestyle of ethnic traditions and ancient culture. Meet local women with tattooed faces – an age-old traditional art, dine in a family home and learn about their traditional costumes and beliefs for a fascinating cultural exchange.

Wrapped in the Chin Mountains with Mount Victoria soaring over Mindat, this scenic land is a venture for the intrepid traveller in search of a rustic experience that brims with rural hikes and indigenous encounters.

What to do

  • Discover tattooed tribes, learning about traditional customs and meeting the locals.
  • Hike and trek through forests and mountains.
  • Visit morning markets.