A minimalist retreat


Facilities & services

  • Seven suites
  • Dining room
  • Two swimming pools
  • Hot spring Jacuzzi
  • Art gallery

A former art museum, Setouchi Aonagi went through an extensive renovation process, where the design was stripped right back and the building returned to its former glory. The result is a modern, minimalist boutique hotel characterized by crisp, clean lines, wooden furnishings and a neutral colour scheme. There are also beautiful pieces of modern art throughout the hotel.

There are just seven suites, each with large glass windows that afford spectacular views out over the blue waters of the Seto Inland Sea. The hotel’s elevated position ensures guests can really appreciate their natural surroundings.

There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, as well as a hot spring Jacuzzi, sauna and spa room. Seasonal dishes using ingredients sourced from local farms and fishermen is served at the restaurant where guests can enjoy the unique flavours of Japan’s mouth-watering cuisine.

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