Stay in a centuries old working monastery


Facilities & services

  • 13 rooms, some with private bathrooms
  • Communal bath
  • Vegan shojin ryori meals
  • Meditation classes

A working monastery offering modest accommodation, also known as a shukubo, Souji-in is a chance to relax and reflect in the most peaceful of surroundings.

With 13 rooms, some featuring private bathrooms which is a real rarity for a shukubo, they are well heated in the snowy winters and air conditioned for the summer. There’s also the option of traditional or fold away western style beds.

It’s a unique experience offering an unmatched insight into the life of a Japanese Buddhist monk, from the early morning prayers, to the traditional vegan shojin ryori meals that are served in your room by one of the temple’s monks. Meditation classes are also available on request.

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