A peaceful forest sanctuary


Facilities & services

  • 24 rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Traditional onsen bathing facilities


  • Access to temples
  • Meditation with a Buddhist monk
  • Tea house visit
  • Afternoon with a geiko
  • Tea fields visit

Aman Kyoto represents the fruition of a beautiful landscape first conceived as the garden of a textile museum. Whimsical stone pathways curve gently along the forest floor, and stone slabs blanketed in moss serve as the foundations for the resort’s architecture.

Its spacious and light-filled interiors, paying homage to the traditional Ryokan inn. The rooms are minimalist, drawing the eye out into their natural surroundings. The hotels interiors are spacious and flooded with light, creating a peaceful place that encourages relaxation.

Dine on home-cooked Kyoto-style dishes as well as innovative Western fare at The Living Pavilion. This welcoming dining space boasts elegant interiors and a bar that centres on a fireplace. Huge glass doors open out onto stunning views of the gardens and nearby forest.

Make the most of the contemplative atmosphere at the hotel’s natural hot springs and traditional onsen.

The secluded grounds are part of what was an artistic community that gave rise to the revered Rinpa school of painting some 400 years ago, and are within easy reach of Kyoto’s most important sites, including the stunning golden temple, Kinkakuji.

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